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"eFax has empowered me to double my income. The service is very cost effective and Customer Service is friendly and efficient."

-- Communications Company

"With eFax, my business never has to shut down. I can take care of my clients any time, any place and that means that they are happier, and more loyal to me and my company."

-- Financial and Insurance Services

"The best part of eFax is being able to still receive faxes while on the road and not having to worry about paper. I love eFax and would not go back to a regular fax machine again."

-- Technology

"eFax is easy to setup and use. I was able to sign up and start sending and receiving faxes within afew minutes! Plus, it costs less than half of my previous fax number through the local phone company."

-- New Media

"I have used eFax for several years and found it to be the most efficient way to be able to always receive faxes to my laptop wherever I travel."

-- Financial Company

"eFax makes my job so much easier! I don't have to worry about the fax machine being broken or out of paper. It's also more confidential for my clients since I don't have to worry about personal documents lying on a fax machine."

-- Investment Services

"eFax has excellent customer service and technical support. We had a disruption with our fax service, and after only 30 minutes of troubleshooting, their phone support found the issue to be our own IT infrastructure and therefore helped me find the root of the problem."

-- Investment Services

"I have used eFax for years and saved countless dollars by not having to have a physical fax machine and all the expenses that go along with it such as a phone line, paper and ink."

-- New Technology

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