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Mobile Professionals

Perfect for busy professionals on the go. Whether you're at home, the office or on the road, you're able to easily fax from any location via phone or laptop.

Easy to set-up

Start using your service immediately! There's no hardware or software to buy or install. eFax works with your email service so you can instantly send faxes – no more waiting, busy signals or paper jams.

Cost Savings

Faxing by email means huge savings. No more fax machines, paper, toner or maintenance costs. Plus no extra phone lines. eFax is 100% paperless so you're also helping save the environment.

Private & Secure

Receiving your faxes in your email maintains a high level of privacy. Faxing by email means no more faxes lying around a shared fax machine for everyone to see. Keep your faxes confidential and secure in your email inbox.

Choose your own fax number

eFax hosts service in 4,200 cities worldwide, making it easy for you to find and choose a local fax number with the area code from which you live or work in.

Manage documents digitally

With eFax, you can easily forward your faxes to one person or to multiple addresses at the same time. You can also organize and store your faxes in your email for future reference.

Cover page included

With eFax you can use the body of your email as your cover page so there's no need to create and attach a separate cover page for your fax.

Perfect for any Industry

eFax is the perfect solution for professionals on the go. With eFax your faxes are delivered to your email as a pdf attachment. Anywhere you access your email, you will be able to send and receive faxes. You can easily log into your email to see the faxes you have received or you can send a fax.

You no longer have to rush back to the office to see if an important fax has arrived. With eFax you'll know right away when the order or contract has been faxed in, as you will see it in your email. No more waiting for someone in your office to pick up the fax for you. It's this kind of efficiency that can give you an important competitive advantage - enabling you to respond quickly to new business and important customers.

eFax is the perfect solution for sending faxes when you are traveling. You no longer have to find a fax machine at a hotel or airport to send that time sensitive document.

Speed and information are critical in today's business world. Send and receive your faxes fast, all with the convenience of digital faxes that can be easily filed and forwarded. With eFax you can access your faxes anywhere you can access email – at work, at home, or while traveling!

"eFax has changed the way I do business forever. I wish I had signed up years ago."

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